Cemetery Board

The Jacksonville Board of Managers Cemeteries Board is authorized and empowered to receive and hold in perpetual trust any moneys, securities, funds and property given, donated, devised or bequeathed for the maintenance, care, repair, upkeep or ornamentation of the cemeteries, and to oversee the operations of the cemeteries.

The Mayor makes five appointments to the Jacksonville Board of Managers Cemeteries Board.  Each appointment serves a five-year term.  It is the five-member board who elects a treasurer.

The Jacksonville Board of Managers Cemeteries Board meets the third Friday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Commission Room of the Municipal Building, 200 West Douglas, Jacksonville, Illinois.

Linda M. Brown, Chairman, term expires January 1, 2028
Gerald Scott, Member, term expires January 1, 2024
Tom Newby, Member, term expires January 1, 2025
Vicky Scott, term expires January 1, 2026
Pat Robson, term expires January 1, 2027

Mary Fergurson, Treasurer