Plan Commission Members

Plan Commission Members

The Jacksonville Plan Commission is a nine-member body, three (3) of whom shall be city officials, serving ex officio; namely, the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the Chairman (or Vice Chairman in the absence of the Chairman) of the Planning and Public Works Committee of the City Council.  The remaining six (6) members of the Commission shall be residents of the City of Jacksonville or reside within one and one-half (1.5) miles of the city and are appointed by the Mayor, subject to City Council confirmation.  Of the nine (9) members, only the Mayor and City Attorney have no voting power.

The members serving as ex officio members shall serve for the term of their respective municipal offices.  The six (6) members to be appointed by the Mayor shall be appointed for terms of four (4) years each. 


Mayor Andy Ezard, Ex Officio

City Attorney Dan Beard, Ex Officio

Alderman Aaron Scott, Ex Officio

Brad Cors, Member

Casey Collins, Member

John Heyer, Member

Kerris Osborn, Member

Michael Oldenettel, Member, Chairman

Nick Little, Member