Plan Commission

Jacksonville Plan Commission
The city plan commission consists of nine (9) members, three (3) of whom shall be city officials, serving ex officio, namely, the mayor, the city attorney and the chairperson (or vice-chairperson in the absence of the chairperson) of the engineering, planning, traffic and inspection committee of the city council; but of the three (3) said officials serving ex officio, only the chairperson of the planning and public works committee (or vice-chairperson in the absence of the chairperson) shall have power to vote. The remaining six (6) members of said commission, all of whom shall have power to vote, shall be residents of the city or reside within one and one-half (1½) miles of the city and shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council, on the basis of their particular fitness or competency for their duty on said commission.


Brad Cors                        Appt. 1.4.2017         Term expires 12.31.2023                          
John Heyer                      Appt. 9.23.2013       Term expires 12.31.2023                          
Michael Oldenettel          Appt. 3.25.2013       Term expires 12.31.2024                          
Kerris Osborn                 Appt. 1.22.2018        Term expires 12.31.2024                          
Nick Little                        Appt. 8.23.2021       Term expires 12.31.2025                          
Casey Collins                  Appt. 2.23.2015       Term expires 12.31.2025                          
Alderman Aaron Scott, Ex-officio            
City Attorney Dan Beard, Ex-officio           
Mayor Andy Ezard, Ex-officio