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AMEREN ILLINOIS / MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC AGGREGATIONThe City of Jacksonville is an Ameren Illinois community, and is a participant in the Municipal Electric Aggregation Program.  For detailed information, please choose the appropriate option below.

WATER & SEWER SERVICEWater and sewer service are provided by the City of Jacksonville's Utility Department.  The City operates and maintains its own water distribution and treatment facilities and wastewater/sewerage collection treatment facilities.  For detailed information, or to pay your water/sewer bill, please choose the appropriate option below.

CABLE TELEVISIONThe City of Jacksonville's cable television service is provided by Mediacom Communications Corporation.  For detailed information, please choose the appropriate option below.
Ameren Illinois (Power)
Municipal Electric Aggregation
The City of Jacksonville is pleased to announce that we are participating in the municipal electric aggregation program with Constellation New Energy as our supplier.  Our primary goal is always to protect our residents from rising electrical supply rates.  We have secured a contract with Constellation New Energy at a fixed rate of 12.21 cents per kWh for a 22-month term continuing through December 2024.

NO ACTION IS REQUIRED ON YOUR PART IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN IN THE MUNICIPAL AGGREGATION PROGRAMIf you are considering an alternate energy provider or have questions, please contact City Clerk Angela Salyer at 217-479-3541.

Angela Salyer, City Clerk
City of Jacksonville
Water/Sewer Service
How do I set up a new water/sewer service account?Please call our office to let us know when you will be moving in to your new residence.  When you call us we will determine if you need to complete an application and pay a deposit.  If you are renting a property, we will need the property owner to verify that it is o.k. to put the account in your name.

How do I cancel water/sewer service?Please call our office a couple of days before you plan to move.  We will need a forwarding address for your mail.  If you are renting the property, we will need the property owner to verify that you have moved out.

Administration:Business Office and Mailing Address:
     200 W. Douglas 
     Jacksonville, IL 62650-2040
(Office Hours 8:00am- 4:30pm)

Phone: (217)479-4615   Text: (217)370-4122  
Fax: (217)245-2822
For Weekend/Evening Emergencies: (217)479-4660
Superintendent of Administration