Public right of way Utility

                     Public Right of Way

Application for Public Right of Way Utility Permit

   All temporary traffic control must be in accordance with MUTCD and IDOT Standards. All TTC equipment must meet current standards for size, shape, features, and reflectivity. By applying for a permit which requires Temporary Traffic Control, I hereby certify that I am familiar with and qualified to perform Temporary Traffic Control, or that I will utilize an experienced Traffic Control Company that is familiar and qualified to perform Temporary Traffic Control Setup and Removal in accordance will all applicable safety regulations and traffic standards.

I/We understand that no street or sidewalk obstruction, or blocking of parking spaces will be initiated until approved by the Jacksonville Community Development Inspector and proper fees paid. No such obstruction or parking blockage shall extend beyond the time approved herein unless additional written approval is obtained, and fees paid.
Excavations: a separate Excavation Permit must be obtained from the Street Department before initiating work anywhere within the Public Right of-Way.