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Airport Authority

The Jacksonville Airport Authority oversees the operation of the Jacksonville Municipal Airport.

TermsThe Mayor makes three City appointments to the Jacksonville Airport Authority.  Each appointment serves a five-year term.

MeetsSecond Tuesday of each month at the Jacksonville Airport.

  • Robert Zipprich, term expires March 9, 2028 Mayor's appointment
  • Timothy Heady, term expires March 9, 2029, County appointment
  • Paul Scheerer, term expires March 9, 2025, County appointment
  • Dan Kindred, term expires March 9, 2026, Mayor's appointment
  • Kristin Jamison, term expires March 9, 2027, Mayor's appointment
  • Timothy Heady, Chairman
  • Dan Kindred, Vice Chairman
  • Dan Beard, Secretary
  • Michael Steve Lowery, Treasurer