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Jacksonville Area Museum Board

The Jacksonville Area Museum Board was established for the exhibition of works of art, the conduct of programs of music and performing arts, the establishment of a museum, the exhibition of historical objects, the presentation of dramatic productions, and other exhibitions and performances enhancing the cultural and intellectual level of the city community.

The Jacksonville Area Museum shall consist of twelve (12) members appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council. The members shall be appointed for terms of four (4) years each. The board shall annually elect from its membership a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and any other such officers as it deems necessary.

  • Steve Varble, Consultant 
  • John Clancy, Term expires 1.1.2025                  
  • Diane Hollendonner, Term expires 1.1.2026            
  • McKenna Servis, Manager
  • Patsy Erickson, Emeritus Member 
  • Rebecca Houston, Term expires 1.1.2028                
  • Kyla Hurt, Term expires 1.1.2025                       
  • David Blanchette, Term expires 1.1.2028                                                                         
  • James Pisell, Term expires 1.1.2028               
  • Nick Little, Term expires 1.1.2025                          
  • JoAnn Nelson, Term expires 1.1.2027         
  • Laura Marks, Term expires 1.1.2026                       
  • Chad Boehlke, Term expires 1.1.2027                
  • Allan Worrell, Chairman, Term expires 1.1.2027                       
  • Lisa Hall, Term expires 1.1.2026                      
Ex-Officios :Judy Tighe        
Brittany Henry

2024 Jacksonville Area Museum Board Meetings

  • January 4, 2024 Agenda Minutes
  • February 1, 2024 Agenda Minutes
  • March 7, 2024 Agenda Minutes
  • April 4, 2024 Agenda Minutes
  • May 2, 2024 Agenda Minutes
  • June 6, 2024 Agenda