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The Governor Duncan Association

Duncan Mansion 004.2

The Governor Duncan Association supports maintenance of the exterior of the Governor Duncan Mansion located in Duncan Park.
Funding for new projects comes from membership dues and fundraising events.

MembersSid Wells, President, Community Member
Mary Fergurson, Vice-President, Community Member
Phillip Langdon, Secretary, City Appointed, Appt. 5.22.2023   Term expires May 2026
Becky Baumgart, Treasurer, DAR Member

Community Members-
Kelly Hager, Nancy Holt, Sandy Sanders & Ed Killam

City Appointed Members-
Jenny Barker-Devine,  Appt. 4.25.2022    Term expires May 2025
Rebecca Johnson, Appt. 6.14.2021   Term expires May 2024

DAR Members-
Susan Hardin & Ginda Woodruff