All of JacksonVille

Standing Committees

Jacksonville City Council members are appointed by the Mayor to serve on various committees of the City Council.  Committee meetings are called at various times to discuss and propose laws for certain areas of the City government.  Committee meetings shall be called by the Committee Chairman or by three members of the Committee.

From time to time, the Committee Chairman will delegate responsibilities to the members in certain areas of their Committee which they will present on the Council floor.

The Mayor and Chairman of the Finance/IT/Personnel Committee are ex-officio members of all Committees.

FINANCE/IT/PERSONNEL COMMITTEEMembers:  Members:  Don Cook (Chairman), Mary Watts (Vice Chairman), Aaron Scott, Joe Lockman, Eren Williams and Brett Henry.

The Finance/IT/Personnel Committee considers matters relating to:

     a)  personnel - union contracts, personnel administration and policies
     b)  finance - budgeting, loans, revolving loan fund, investments
     c)  information technology
     d)  meet with auditors and report findings to the Council

PARKS AND LAKES COMMITTEEMembers:  Lori Oldenettel (Chairman), Eren Williams (Vice Chairman), Aaron Scott, Kent Hannant, Darcella Speed and Mary Watts.

The Parks and Lakes Committee considers matters relating to the City's parks and
lakes including:

   a)  condition and needs of parks and lakes
   b)  promote development, plans and programs 
   c)  The Links Golf Course, Nichols Park Golf Course and The Links Pro Shop -
        maintenance, staffing, fees and budgeting

PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEEMembers:  Aaron Scott (Chairman), Kent Hannant (Vice Chairman), Don Cook, Alison Rubin de Celis, Joe Lockman and Darcella Speed.

The Planning and Public Works Committee considers matters relating to:

   a)  the management, maintenance and infrastructure of municipal buildings,  
        facilities and grounds including City Hall, City Garage and Public Library  
   b)  public infrastructure of public roads and bridges
   c)  land use regulation including building, plumbing and electrical inspections,
        code enforcement, and zoning
   d)  review items referred by the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of 
   e)  operations of Emergency Management

PUBLIC PROTECTION COMMITTEEMembers:  Darcella Speed (Chairman),  Lori Oldenettel (Vice Chairman), Don Cook, Brett Henry, Joe Lockman and Kent Hannant.

The Public Protection Committee considers matters relating to:

   a)  operations and personnel of the Police and Fire Departments
   b)  public safety - law enforcement. fire protection, traffic
   c)  plans and recommendations to improve public safety

SPECIAL STUDIES COMMITTEEMembers: Eren Williams (Chairman), Alison Rubin de Celis (Vice Chairman), Lori Oldenettel, Darcella Speed, Kent Hannant and Don Cook.

Members of the Special Studies Committee consider matters relating to:

   a)  special studies needs and requirements of the City
   b)  plans and recommendations to improve the Town Brook
   c)  plans and recommendations to improve and increase recycling in the City

UTILITY COMMITTEEMembers:  Mary Watts (Chairman), Aaron Scott (Vice Chairman), Joe Lockman, Eren Williams, Brett Henry and Alison Rubin de Celis.

Members of the Utility Committee consider matters relating to:

   a)  plans and recommendations to improve the waterworks and sewerage systems
        for both residential and commercial 
   b)  maintenance, equipment, and operations of the Waterworks & Sewerage 
   c)  rates and fees of water and sewer