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The Jacksonville Fire Department is announcing an expanded partnership with the Knox box Company. For over 20 years the Jacksonville fire dept. has trusted the knox box company for rapid access into secure building, campuses, and commercial properties. By City Ordinance all buildings within the city having a fire suppression system and /or standpipe system shall be equipped with a rapid entry key lock box. These systems, remove barriers to rapid entry thusly it reduces injuries to our firefighers attempting to gain entry and minimizes property damage. Until now, in Jacksonville only industrial, and commercial property as outline by city ordinance have benefited from this system.

The Knox HomeBox provides homeowners with the same secure rapid access system that currently protects the industrial, business and commercial property in our jurisdiction.


  • Grants the Jacksonville fire department access to your home and loved ones in an emergency without property damage.
  • Peace of mind knowing first responders can quickly access an immobilized patient in an emergency
  • Property will not sustain damage or clean-up cost from a forced entry and will be re-secured after the emergency.

Knox box HomeBox is the perfect solution for residential property owners, at-risk residential occupants, and persons responsible for at risk occupants, who need the ability to grant the fire department access to a residential property in an emergency.

Knox HomeBox is the most secure, residential grade, key safe that is trusted and supported by the Jacksonville Fire Dept. Unlike universal or realtor residential grade boxes that can be opened by anyone who has a common key or pin, Knox HomeBox is a high security, weather – resistant key safe that can only be accessed by the Jacksonville Fire Department 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

For more information contact the Jacksonville Fire Dept. at 479-4656 or see knox box program under education and resources tab of this web site