Municipal Electric Aggregation

The City of Jacksonville is pleased to announce that we have renewed our municipal electrical aggregation program with Constellation NewEnergy as our new supplier.  Our primary goal is always to protect our residents from rising electrical supply rates.

Since June 2019 Jacksonville residents and small businesses have received a fixed rate of 4.39 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) as opposed to Ameren’s current price to compare (PTC) rate of 12.236 cents per kWh (October 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023).  This equates to an average household savings of over $50 per month, with larger households and businesses saving considerably more.

The current non-renewable contract with Homefield Energy ends with your final meter reading in December 2022.  We have secured a contract with Constellation NewEnergy at a fixed rate of 12.21 cents per kWh for a 22-month term beginning February 2023 (payable in March), continuing through December 2024.

To provide you with the lowest long-term rate, there will be a gap between your final meter reading in December and your meter reading in February when the new contract begins with Constellation NewEnergy.  This gap will be filled by Ameren IL as the supplier and distributor.


Over the next 90 days you will receive the following letters:

  • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: You will receive a letter from Ameren IL notifying you that the Homefield Energy contract will end December 2022. They will also provide you with a deadline to choose a new supplier. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN IN THE MUNICIPAL AGGREGATION PROGRAM
  • DECEMBER 19TH: Constellation NewEnergy will be sending you a letter notifying you that they will be your new supplier under the new Municipal Aggregation Contract beginning with your billing cycle in February 2023. YOU WILL HAVE 21 DAYS TO OPT-OUT OF THE PROGRAM.  If you do not opt-out of the program then you will automatically be included in the aggregation program mid-January.  NO ACTION IS REQUIRED UNLESS YOU WISH TO OPT-OUT OF THE PROGRAM.  YOU MUST RETURN THE OPT-OUT CARD TO CONSTELLATION BY THE DUE DATE TO BE REMOVED FROM THE PROGRAM
  • MID-JANUARY: Because of the gap between aggregation contracts as stated above you will receive a letter from Ameren IL stating that they are your new supplier.  THIS IS DURING THE INTERIM ONLY UNLESS YOU HAVE OPTED-OUT OF THE PROGRAM

If you are considering an alternate energy provider or have questions, please contact City Clerk Skip Bradshaw at 217-479-4613.

Skip Bradshaw, City Clerk
City of Jacksonville