All of JacksonVille

Codes Adopted & Enforced

International Building Code 2018
International Property Maintenance Code 2018
International Mechanical Code 2018
International Residential Code 2018
International Fire Code 2018
N.F.P.A. 70 National Electrical Code 2020
N.F.P.A. 101 Life Safety Code 2018
Illinois State Plumbing Code 2014
City of Jacksonville Zoning Ordinance, #1765
City of Jacksonville Historic Preservation Ordinance, # 84-0-22
City of Jacksonville Subdivision Ordinance, #1350
City of Jacksonville Electrical Ordinance, # 88-0-5
City of Jacksonville Floodplain Development Ordinance, # 94-0-24
State of Illinois Architecture Practice Act, 1989
71 Illinois Administrative Code 400.110 et seq.
Current International Energy Conservation Code
An Ordinance Amending the Electrical Jacksonville Municipal Code 
City of Jacksonville Dog Kennel Ordinance 2023-O-002
City of Jacksonville Solar Energy Ordinance 2021-O-019