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Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan for the City of Jacksonville was adopted in May of 2002 after many months of study by local citizens, the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, the Plan Commission and the City Council. This plan is an official public document to be used as a policy guide to decisions relating to the physical development of the community. It indicates in general how the citizens of the community want the City to develop in the next 10 to 20 years. The full text of the Comprehensive Plan can be seen on this site.

A number of recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan have already been adopted, including the recommendation to present a Home Rule referendum to the voters of Jacksonville. That referendum was approved in the April 2005 municipal election, and the City Council continues working to implement aspects of Home Rule.

In order to implement the recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan, six subcommittees were formed:

Neighborhood Stabilization 
Business Development and Retention 
Transportation System 
Provisions of Public Services 
Creating Quality Places 
Downtown Stabilization and Revitalization

SUBCOMMITTEESIn August of 2005, after much work by the six original subcommittees, some reorganization took place.  The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee voted to disband as a committee, then voted to create three advisory committees to the Mayor and City Council on the Comprehensive Plan:

Neighborhood StabilizationThis committee had already done some good work and put into place a number of recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan, including a landlord's association and neighborhood groups.  The committee was charged with beginning to follow and give input into the City Council's discussions regarding Administrative Adjudication and the review and revisions to the property maintenance ordinance.  The first Administrative Adjudication hearing was held May 25, 2006.  Subsequent hearings have been held on the second and fourth Thursdays each month.

Downtown Planning CommitteeThis committee was established as a bridge between the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan and the action which needs to be taken by the City Council to revitalize the downtown.  Their mission is not limited to the oversight of the transportation project, but includes review and implementation of the appropriate redevelopment strategies and recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan, and to ascertain public input and support.  This committee, including six aldermen, meets periodically, and all of their regular meetings will be open to the public.

Community EnhancementThis committee is responsible for several sub-sets of the Comprehensive Plan, including Quality Places, Transportation Systems, Public Services and Business Development and Retention.  Their focus at the outset was on the Gateway project at the corner of South Main and Morton.  Through the generosity of the Applebee family and the cooperation and support of the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club, the City received $50,000 to go toward that project.  Construction of the Gateway was completed, and a dedication ceremony and luncheon reception was held on November 22, 2006.

"Working together, we can make Jacksonville an even better place to live and work.  We look forward to working with you, and we look forward to hearing from you regarding your ideas and comments."

- Mayor Andy Ezard