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Neighborhood Pride - "Adopt-A-Street"

Why an"Adopt-A-Street" program?
The City's Comprehensive Plan places a high priority on beautification - improving the way our city looks.  This program gives local volunteers an opportunity to help meet this goal.  Neighborhood stabilization and beautification was one of the key components in a series of recommendations in the City's Comprehensive Plan.

The "Adopt_A-Street" program gives neighborhood groups and community organizations the opportunity to take an active role in neighborhood beautification.  In consultation with the City Street Department, these groups may select a street in Jacksonville to monitor and keep free of trash and debris along the boulevard.  This program is similar to the State of Illinois' "Adopt-A-Highway" program.  In appreciation for this service, the City will recognize and identify the participating organization with an appropriate sign.  These signs, likewise, will be similar to the state signs which appear along highways.  The organization will be expected to conduct the clean-up periodically in order to qualify for the signage.

How does it work?It works very similar to the State of Illinois' Adopt-A-Highway program.  Local volunteers or businesses can take responsibility for a block or several blocks in the city and be responsible for picking up litter periodically.  Volunteers will be asked to work only along the sidewalks and boulevards, and not in the streets.

What support will the City provide?Once a street has been selected, the City will provide plastic bags for the trash and litter collected, and the Street Department will pick up the bags at predetermined locations.

How would my business or volunteer organization get involved?Simply by requesting a "Adopt-A-Street" application form and returning it to the Mayor's office to be approved by the City Council.  The application forms are available online at or by calling the Mayor's office at 479-4610.  The application forms are also available at the Municipal Building, 200 West Douglas, or at the City Garage on West Oak Street.

There are only a few rules - all directed at safety for the particpants:
  • If young children are involved, they must be supervised.
  • Participants should wear safety vests or bright clothing when doing the cleanup.
  • Don't allow participants to run back and forth across the street.  Divide the participants into two groups and work both sides of the street at the same time, or, if the group is small, work one side of the street and cross over as a group to work the other side.
  • Pick up litter only on the boulevard and sidealk, not in the street.
  • Be careful with sharp objects and objects which might cause injury.
  • Leave bags of refuse at predetermined locations in consultation with the Street Department.