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City Treasurer

Hopkins, Beth-Color - CopyThe City Treasurer's position is an elected position, with elections taking place every four years. There is one assistant in the office.

Duties of the City Treasurer are as follows:

  • Receives monies from the City Clerk's office for distribution to various City fund accounts which are all maintained in local banks.
  • Balances bank statements each month for all City accounts.
  • Maintains in-house ledger book containing current balances for all City funds.
  • Prepares a monthly Treasurer's report outlining receipts, expenditures and investments to be presented to the City Council for review.
  • Is responsible for investing monies and acquiring the best rates for Certificates of Deposit, United States Treasury Notes or other approved investment vehicles.
  • Is a non-voting member of the Jacksonville Firemen's Pension Board of Trustees and a non-voting member of the Jacksonville Policemen's Pension Board of Trustees.
  • Is the central drop for outgoing City mail within the Municipal Building; this mail is metered, bundled and mailed daily.
The most frequently asked questions of this office are inquiries regarding property tax values, payment schedules, etc. All property taxes for Morgan County are handled by the Morgan County Supervisor of Assessment, 217-243-8557, and are payable in the office of the Morgan County Treasurer, 217-243-4311 (this is not a city function).

Contact the City Treasurer's OfficeBeth Hopkins
City Treasurer

Melissa Hall
Administrative Assistant

Mailing Address and for General Inquiries:

Office of the City Treasurer
200 West Douglas Avenue
Jacksonville, IL  62650
217-479-3511 (ph)
217-479-3512 (ph)

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.