All of JacksonVille

Community Development

The City of Jacksonville Community Development Department is responsible for regulating all zoning and development activity within the incorporated areas and within the mile and one half territorial boundaries of the City of Jacksonville. Anyone proposing to develop, construct or relocate in the above described areas should contact this department during the initial planning stage to ensure all preliminary requirements are met and streamline the remainder of the development process.

Department Duties Include:
  • Zoning Administration
  • Property Maintenance
  • Annexation
  • Special Flood Hazard Regulations
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • New Business Development Assistance
  • Site Acquisition Assistance
  • Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Prevention Inspection
  • Misc. Municipal Code Enforcement
Provide Administrative Support for:
  • Historic Preservation District 
  • Enterprise Zone
  • Downtown TIF District